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Director Anna & Ewan Travel Across the Country with Prudential in “The State of US”

September 19, 2018
Capturing snapshots of the country’s current financial wellness.

According to Prudential Financial, one-third of Americans don’t have a clear picture of their future when it comes to finances and retirement planning, and have misconceptions of what their financial status actually is. To meet these communities working towards building a better future, Prudential traveled around the United States with our directing duo Anna & Ewan to create a series of mini-documentaries called, “The State of US.”  

The series showcases the directing duo’s signature documentary storytelling style, and dives deeper into the lives of these individuals, giving a much more intimate look into the financial situations that exist across the country.

“We felt it was important not to just pour over data and spreadsheets, but to actually get out and hear from people,” Droga5 ECD Ray Del Savio tells Adweek.

Developed in partnership with creative agency Droga5, the campaign includes a series of short-form documentary pieces and “:30’s” directed by Anna & Ewan, in addition to the campaign’s out-of-home, print and digital media activations.

Check out the full series & watch more work from Anna & Ewan on their reel.

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