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Director Jake Scott Shows How Kia’s 2019 Forte Rises to the Occasion

October 8, 2018
Featuring Pro Racecar Driver Collete Davis, and Red Bull’s custom not-for-sale Forte drift car.

To market their all-new 2019 Kia Forte, Kia Motors America tapped our own Director Jake Scott to show how it’s their most sophisticated compact car to date. The first spot, “Forte vs Forte,” was shot in partnership with Red Bull, starring professional racecar driver Collete Davis.

The video stars off featuring a not-for-sale custom designed drift car Forte, where most would expect Collete to be driving. Instead, she’s behind the wheel of the all new standard issue Forte reving up for a high-flying stunt.

“This adrenaline­-filled campaign featuring a baby Stinger in a Red Bull suit screams ‘look at me,’” says Saad Chehab, Kia’s vice president of marketing communications in a release. “Even though some may question the idea of a Forte in racing livery, we are delivering an entirely new take on what many people see as simply a daily commuter car.”

Watch “Chicken,” the 2nd spot of the campaign below:

Check out more work from Jake on his reel.


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