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Yoni Lappin Directs the New Campaign for adidas Originals’ Yung Series

October 18, 2018
Taking it back to the streets of London and its locals to show off the newly reimagined shoes.

Street culture, fashion & raw aesthetics are a few things that make Director Yoni Lappin’s trademark style so distinct and memorable, whether it’s in his music videos, or commercial projects. For this adidas Originals campaign they needed to tap someone to bring to life the 90s influence of their new Yung series, naturally Yoni was a perfect fit.

Set on the familiar streets of London, these spots perfectly capture the youth culture that Yoni grew up with, and is also trying to preserve. The videos were produced by RSA Film’s EP Wandie Kabule in partnership with Johannes Leonardo Agency, with music by Sam Spiegel’s Squeak E Clean Co.

Watch the other two spots below & check out more of Yoni’s work on his reel.

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