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Behind the Lens of Director Kaz Firpo’s “SHELTER” Documentary

October 26, 2018
Exploring human stories from Central America

Outside of his beautiful, eclectic & emotional commercial work for brands like Tinder, Instagram and Livit, Director Kaz Firpo’s passion lies deep in transcending borders to capture the world from different perspectives. His work for UNICEF as well as his award-winning documentary “REFUGE” showcase the depth of his storytelling and drive to share honest stories of local communities and their rich cultures.

The latest project from Kaz is what he refers to as his “spiritual successor” to REFUGE. Entitled SHELTER, the documentary addresses “first-hand accounts of oppression and structural violence in Central America, crafting a hopeful portrait about migration and the desire for a better life.”

“It’s a simple reminder to audiences that compassion is a choice. One you need to make every day. It’s not complicated, it’s just difficult,” says Kaz.

CNN has also featured Kaz’s SHELTER documentary in a short segment to talk about his motivations behind the film.

Filmmaker Matthew Firpo shows the plight of Central American migrants

“What level of fear and violence would that take for you to leave your life behind?” – Matthew Firpo; Filmmaker, "Shelter" on #MigrantCaravan #ImmigrantCaravan #HonduranCaravan #Guatemala #ElSalvador

Posted by CNN Today on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

His hope for the film is to help humanize the families being separated at the border, and heal the divides on both sides of the border.

Watch more of Kaz’s work on his reel, and check out some still shots from his travels below.

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