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Casper Balslev Premieres New Short ‘End of the Rainbow’

March 4, 2019

Casper Balslev has premiered his new short film ‘End of the Rainbow’ via Danish magazine Euroman.

Shot in Vensyssel, a far northern region of Denmark, ‘End of the Rainbow’ sees a down on his luck criminal embarking on a journey of self-exploration, through a vast, haunting and desolate area of Northern Denmark.

On this road trip, he encounters his past, his present and his future, before being drawn to a breath-taking vision of a rainbow, not knowing if it will lead him to a new beginning or ultimate destruction.

The 24-minute film, which stars Jonathan Harboe – known for TV shows, ‘Sjit Happens’, ‘Surrogate’ and feature film ‘Underworld’ was written by Casper and Christian Gamst Miller-Harris, and features cinematography from Lars von Trier collaborator Manuel Alberto Claro.

You can view more of Casper’s commercial and music video work here.

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