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Henrik Hansen Brings Suspense & Intrigue to Mercedes-Benz G-Class with ‘Stronger Than Gravity’

May 21, 2019

To launch the new Mercedes 350 d, Antoni Agency enlisted RSA Films’ director Henrik Hansen for a first-of-its kind stunt illustrating the luxury SUV’s high-end performance and distinctive features.  The team travelled to the ends of the earth to the Punta Negra Dam nestled in the Argentinian Andes in San Juan to shoot ‘Stronger than Gravity.’ The commercial depicts a riveting scene of the 350 d driving along the dam wall at a 38-degree incline.

Hansen, often sought out by the world’s leading automotive brands to showcase their vehicles, is known for his ability to catapult viewers into stories with riveting action, masterful use of light and compelling subjects. He shared some insights with us about what it took to pull off ‘Stronger than Gravity.’

Q:  Had you ever attempted a stunt like the one you pulled off so seamlessly for the launch of Mercedes’ 350 d, and what were your biggest challenges?

HH: I’ve filmed a lot of stunts but this one was unique. Our shoot definitely had multiple layers and needed extensive prep. Safety was the biggest priority, and challenge. The weather, the angle of the car and the steepness of the dam were all factors.

Q:  How did you land on the location?

HH:  We landed on the location due to the architecture of the Punta Negra dam. It’s just west of San Juan, Argentina. And the surrounding landscape is very epic and very graphic, while also powerfully simple – it’s a stark location. It was what we were looking for so the Mercedes would stand out.

Q:  What was your favorite part about shooting the commercial?

HH: I liked the simple concept, of conquering the wall of the dam with a Mercedes-Benz G 350 d. And the challenge of driving from A to B on that steep incline. Working with an amazing crew, and the very talented driver Ben Collins, who I’ve worked with before, and our stunt coordinator Richard Meade, the shoot and the stunt – with all their variables – went smoothly. In the end, it was a lot of fun.

Check out the BTS film below.


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