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RSA and Hammerhead Shape Future of VR

June 24, 2019

RSA Films has collaborated with immersive media company Hammerhead to create the world’s first virtual reality battle scene using volumetric capture.

‘Virtual Viking – The Ambush’ uses a ground-breaking combination of technology to create a hyper-realistic Viking ship-based drama that unfolds in real time. Over 30 actors were filmed in Hammerhead’s London-based volumetric capture studio, Dimension, using 106 cameras which generated 10GB of data per second. Additionally, Norway’s west coast was recreated using photogrammetry to create a historically accurate setting for the experience.

The complexity of the VR project required an intensive year-long collaboration between director Erik Gustavson, Small Screen AS, RSA Films, Hammerhead, and The Viking Planet. The film forms the centrepiece at the new Norwegian Viking digital entertainment centre, The Viking Planet. The 1,600 square metre interactive entertainment and education centre redefines the future of immersive entertainment, using VR with motion-platform chairs, holograms, interactive screens, and a 270° cinema to create a virtual portal to the era of the Vikings.

You can find out more about the project at Tech Radar.

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