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Kaz Firpo Directs ‘For The World We Call Home’ for Grove Collaborative

September 27, 2019

Collaborative, an e-commerce company for all-natural home, beauty and personal care products that are delivered to your doorstep, tapped RSA Films’ director Kaz Firpo to direct ‘For The World We Call Home’, a commercial film embodying the company’s vision. Shot beautifully with a soft natural lighting style and authentic cast of real families, the spot is set in a simple home and portrays moments unfolding among parents and children who choose sustainability and going all-natural to make the world a better place.

Kaz, an award-winning director and photographer and the writer of Marvel Studios’ upcoming feature The Eternals, gravitated toward the project instantly, creating the idea, writing the voiceover and devising the approach against the odds of a tight schedule and lean production budget. “Grove was an incredible partner, and I felt very lucky to be working with a brand that I really believed in,” Kaz says. “Sustainability is something that I’m already chasing in my everyday life, and so the chance to give voice to those feelings in this anthem film just felt like it was meant to be.”

The project timeline was a mere seven days from the first call to delivery.  “Because we were moving so fast and light, everything was built around this one fantastic location I knew we could make the most out of – and so we just chased our natural light throughout the day,” Kaz explains. “I told David Jones, our cinematographer, that this was an experiment in elevating the everyday. It’s like film school again, no fancy toys, just a real family point-blank to your camera lens. Emotional honesty became everything.”

“Kaz and the RSA team were true creative collaborators, working closely with us to tell the story of Grove which is a story about all of the families in the world who are choosing to live more sustainable lives,” comments Stuart Landesberg, co-founder and CEO, Grove Collaborative.  “As ‘For The World We Call Home’ unfolds, it becomes a celebration of our customers who, in the products they buy, the things they do for their families and the way they live their lives, are making choices that matter every day – and in total can make a real difference for the next generation.”

You can see more of Kaz’s work HERE.

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