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Marie Schuller Shoots Lockdown for PerfectDraft

May 12, 2020

RSA director Marie Schuller directs a unique and innovative lockdown film for PerfectDraft, flipping the confines of UK lockdown on its head for some ‘distant socialising’.

The 30-second ad, from ZX Ventures in house agency DraftLine, shows friends coming together online, reflecting the times of lockdown whilst demonstrating the social nature of sharing a drink with friends.

Each of the stars of the film were at home in lockdown, some with flatmates, some with relatives, and some with their pets. The directing and filming took place remotely using real video conferencing technology. While the cuts only last 20 or 30 seconds, the logistics were complicated requiring them to use their own camera, iPads, and computers, and a PerfectDraft machine shipped to each actor.

Mark Roberts, Global CEO of PerfectDraft at ZX Ventures, said: “It’s an interesting time to be marketing anything. The atmosphere and the metrics change by the day. More than ever we need to be nimble. When DraftLine approached us with this idea of putting PerfectDraft in a video-conferencing social setting, we knew we had to run at it, and quickly. It seemed to perfectly capture the zeitgeist, as this is exactly what the entire PerfectDraft team were doing with our friends!”

Watch more of Marie’s work here.

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