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Nowness Premiere New Neels Castillon Short

June 17, 2020

Short film 間 (Ma) from RSA and Black Dog Films director Neels Castillon premieres today via Nowness, as part of the platform’s ‘Just Dance’ series.

The immersive short from Neels and choreographer Fanny Sage, is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic and concept 間 (Ma) — the pure and essential void between all things. It has been described as a pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space. 間 (Ma) is the fundamental time and space life needs to grow.

“The film was shot in February 2020 in the cold and pure Icelandic winter. It was an obsession for me to find a place where you could feel the immensity of nature. I wanted the characters, Fanny and Awir, to get lost in the landscape, let them feel small, facing the elements. The first day, literally on the first take, we started to roll and a huge ice storm came on us, blowing ice all around Fanny. The sound of the wind was covering the music on the set. It was beautiful to see her dancing at the pace of the wind. We felt the greatness of nature so intensely during the shoot. It inspired us, back in the editing room, to make our initial idea evolve adding sound design to the music to create an immersive experience.” Neels Castillon

“The feeling of loneliness is what made me want to create this project. There is a contrast I love in Japanese culture which is a great source of inspiration to me, that emptiness and fullness can coexist. This is dance as it moves me; fragility and strength. Confronting the elements and nature’s extremities gave the movements a certain imperfection, a vulnerability. It was a breath-taking experience.” Fanny Sage.

You can view more of Neel’s work here, including his previous collaboration with Fanny Sage, F Major.

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