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Formed in 1968 by filmmaking icons Ridley and Tony Scott, RSA has created a legacy of excellence in commercials, music videos, features, television, branded content, film marketing and beyond that have expanded over the years to sister companies Scott Free, Black Dog Films and 3AM. With offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and China, RSA represents talented innovators who are passionate about the enhancement of entertainment in every iteration.

2014 VFX Society Lifetime Achievement Award


The Visual Effects Society honors Ridley Scott with its Lifetime Achievement Award, citing prolific VFX-heavy films like Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus, and Gladiator.

1.24.14 for Apple


5 continents, 21 editors, 15 cinematographers, 30 years, 100 iPhones. To commemorate 30 years of Mac, Jake and Ridley Scott teamed up to present 1.24.14.

RSA wins big at the D&AD 50th Anniversary Awards


RSA wins big at the D&AD 50th Anniversary Awards, collecting a pencil for being the second most awarded commercial production company.

Prometheus Award Winning Marketing Campaign


Our fake TED Conference for Weyland Industries goes viral. As does our Happy Birthday David video starring Michael Fassbender, all building anticipation for the June release of Alien’s prequel, Prometheus.

Luke Scott directs “Loom” for Red


Luke Scott shoots his dystopian short film “Loom” starring Giovanni Ribisi, entirely on Red Epic in 4K 3D.

Parallel Lines Wins The Grand Prix at Cannes


The campaign was recognised for pioneering branded content. Five short films. Five genres.  Developed by Five different directors, with one unifying piece of dialogue.

Chris Cunningham Feels Love for Gucci’s Flora


This mesmerising advert features a reworking of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, which was produced and arranged by Chris Cunningham.

Happy 40th Birthday RSA


RSA Films celebrates 40 years, continuing with its mission to produce ground-breaking content for advertising and film.

RSA Asia Opens For Business


RSA Films open its first office in Asia, based in Hong Kong, with a second office, based in Shanghai opening in 2015.

HBO “Voyeur” Wins The Cannes Grand Prix


The multi-platform media programme centered around 3 Short Films from director Jake Scott using the concept of voyeurism to show interconnected stories of fictional characters in an apartment building.

Thunder Perfect Mind


Jordan Scott depicts poetry incarnate for Prada in “Thunder Perfect Mind”

RSA Wins Gold at HK4As


Vernie Yeung’s beautiful Citibank I.T Visa Card spot wins Gold at the HK4A awards in Hong Kong.

One Man One Land, One Great Ad


Tony Scott created an advert that not only honoured the tradition in popular culture of the Marlboro Man, but elevated it beyond branding and into something visually and narratively poetic.

Launch of BMW Films


BMW Films launches with three shorts starring Clive Owen as “The Driver.” The films are so successful, viewed over 11 million times with sales numbers for the automotive brand increasing by 12%. And all this before “viral” was even part of the lexicon.

The Fireflies Ride


Jake Scott, Adrian Moat, Nick Livesey, Tim Page, and Chris Haworth founded the Fireflies Tour, an annual cycling mission across the Alps from Lake Geneva to Cannes to benefit Hammersmith Hospital, the world leader in treatment of leukaemia. In the fourteen years since its inception, the Fireflies has become a Cannes institution.

Gladiator wins Best Picture


Gladiator takes home five Academy Awards including Best Actor. In his speech, Russell Crowe states that he “owes it to one bloke,” Ridley Scott.

Telecom Italia “BRANDO”


Telecom Italia’s  2000 campaign included a number of Hollywood heavyweights.  Tony Scott directed two of these spots, the first of which was “BRANDO”.

Bjork Becomes a Robot


All in a day’s work in Chris Cunningham’s video for “All is Full of Love” hailed as the Greatest Music Video Ever by MTV2.

Ridley Has “Future Thoughts” For Orange


This beautifully shot commercial with impressions of life on a different planet shows the future as imagined by Orange.

Come To Daddy !!


This ground-breaking video for the group Aphex Twin, is the only music video in the top 50 of the “100 Greatest Scary Moments” as voted by UK viewers of Channel 4 in 2003.

Jake Scott Wins His First MTV VMA Award


Filmed on Interstate 10 in San Antonio, Texas, “Everybody Hurts” wins Jake the Best Director award.

Brad Pitt In Jail


In the same year as starring in Ridley’s blockbuster “Thelma & Louise”, Brad Pitt was in this famous Levi’s ad directed by Chris Hartwill.

Hugh Johnson’s Never Ending River


This cleverly shot ICI “The River” commercial, directed by Hugh Johnson won a Bronze award at the British Television Advertising Awards

Black Dog Films


Jake Scott creates Black Dog Films, a division of RSA that’s hell bent on making the best music videos in the world.

Gripping Stuff From Marek


This Pirelli Tyres spot Directed by Marek Kanievska won the Gold award at the British Television Advertising Awards and is one of the coolest commercials from the eighties.

Top Gun


Tony Scott redefines “the need for speed” with the release of Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer.

New York, New York


RSA opens its first US office in Manhattan (our LA headquarters came later).

Apple MacIntosh 1984


Off the heels of Blade Runner, Ridley Scott channels the future for Apple in one of the most epic Super Bowl ads of all time, introducing the world to Macintosh for the first time.

Dystopia defined


Regarded as one of the best science fiction films of all time, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner premieres in June.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream


Ridley Scott introduces one of the scariest creatures in film for Alien !!

Ridley Scott makes first feature film “The Duelists”


Ridley Scott makes his feature directorial debut with “The Duellists” starring Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine, picking up the Best Debut Film Award at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival.

Hovis Advertisement “Bike Round”


“Bike Round” directed by Ridley Scott for Hovis. ” ‘T’was like taking bread to top of the world.”

Ridley and Tony form RSA Films


Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott launch RSA Films in the UK with the mission to produce ground-breaking content for advertising and film.

Boy On Bicycle


Ridley’s first short film tells the story of a teenage boy (played by his brother Tony) who plays truant from school.

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