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Philips Parallel Lines

April 7, 2015
At RSA we are recognised as pioneering branded content.  In 2010 we set the bar with Parallel Lines, winning the Cannes Gold and Grand Prix awards, and the IPA Gold. With 45 treatments from 45 directors resulting in five short films, it was an industry first that could have only been actualised by RSA. The campaign was recognised for pioneering branded content. The unifying theme of the films was a single shared line of dialogue. “What’s that?” “It’s a unicorn”. “I’ve never seen one up close before”. “Beautiful”. “Get away! Get away!” “I’m sorry”

The Case Study


The Trailer


The Gift

Directed By – Carl Erik-Rinsch

Using visual effects to stunning use, Carl Erik-Rinsch succeeded in crafting a fast paced sci-fi in post-apocalyptic Russia.


Dark Room

Directed By – Johnny Hardstaff

Darkroom from Johnny Hardstaff is a Blade Runner-esque future film noir thriller. As the protagonist gets increasingly entwined in his investigation it seems as though he may be in deeper than he realises.


The Foundling

Directed By – Barney Cokeliss

After the first five films, Foundling was a 3D take on the six lines of dialogue. The circus based short lends itself perfectly to immersive 3D action.


The Hunt

Directed By – Jake Scott

Jake Scott’s exercise in mystical horror box shows two hunters, each with a contrasting attitude to nature.


El Secreto De Mateo

Directed By – Greg Fay

A touching and contemplative short, Greg Fay’s Spanish film tells the tale of a young boy as he leads his blind sister into an apartment block to show her his secret.


Jun & The Hidden Skies

Directed By – Hi Sim

Directing duo Hi-Sim created an animated short reminiscent of Pixar’s UP. Featuring a girl, a boy, a rabbit, a dragon, and some space travel, Jun and the Hidden Skies captures the boundless imagination of youth.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group