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Annabels A String Of Naked Lightbulbs

March 11, 2015
A String of Naked Lightbulbs charts the 50-year history of Annabel’s, the most famous nightclub in the world. The film was directed by Greg Fay and executive produced by Ridley Scott.  Famous for its discretion and as a haunt of the rich and famous, the film offers a hitherto unseen glimpse into the rarefied worlds behind the doors of 44-Berkeley Square Soho. As London’s very first members-only club Annabel’s remains the only nightclub visited by the Queen, and once courted infamy for refusing entry to The Beatles.  The documentary provides a cultural biopsy of London since the Second World War and the club’s history from inception through to present day.
“Annabel’s is synonymous with one of the most fun and iconic periods in London’s history. I think we have shone a light into what was at the heart of London’s nightlife for the past 50-years.” Ridley Scott


Directed By – Greg Fay

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