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Luke Scott

Following a family tradition Luke Scott has found his place behind the camera calling the shots and directing the scenes.

After attending USC, Scott began to work in production design quickly moving on into art direction and art design. It was in the field of art direction that he worked for over four years on various projects including the feature film “1492: Conquest of Paradise”. 1n 1992, Scott began his career at RSA in art direction working on campaigns for British Airways, BP and Euro Tunnel.

Moving into the mode of director in 1993, brought Scott together with corporations like PGA, Marlboro, Nike, Drug Free America, Royal London Insurance, Burger King, and Coca-Cola directing major campaigns in Europe and the United States. With a body of work that includes campaigns for Pringles, Coca-Cola, a highly acclaimed campaign for the California Board of Tourism featuring Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson, anti-smoking PSAs for, spots for the PGA, Southwest Airlines and Gateway Computers, Scott’s style is clearly varied.

In early 2012 Luke wrote and directed the short film “Loom”. It was commissioned by RED to showcase their brand new 3D camera, the Red Epic. The near future sci-fi story features Giovanni Ribisi and Jellybean Howie and was met with critical acclaim – being awarded and welcomed onto the festival circuit.

Later in 2012, Luke directed a huge profile viral, TED Conference, as part of the ground- breaking marketing campaign for the feature film “Prometheus” (directed by Ridley Scott). The viral film, featuring a stunning monologue performance from Guy Pearce, was seeded on the TED website – garnering record hits. It also won a silver arrow Best Over 90 Second Web Based Film in the 2013 BTAA Awards and a much coveted Bronze Lion at Cannes 2013 in for Best Viral Film.

In 2013 Luke directed two virals for “The Counselor” working with the actors Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz & Javier Bardem. He then went on to direct 2nd Unit for the epic feature film “Exodus” shooting in the UK, Spain and Egypt in 2013 & 2014.

Luke’s 2016 feature “Morgan” starred Kate Mara, Boyd Holbrook and Paul Giamatti. In addition to directing, Luke also co-wrote the film.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group