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Rob Blishen

After honing his skills as a writer and editor at 4Creative Rob Blishen graduated into directing promos.  He was immediately rewarded with clutches of awards, that at the very least made him feel like he might be pretty good at this directing malarkey.

The world of commercials soon beckoned, but despite the shift in scale he still likes to approach every job with the infectious collaborative spirit he learnt in the basement of Channel 4.

On set he creates a calm, creative environment where he happily juggles highly complex technical work whilst still drawing charming natural performances out of a cast. His work is delightfully inventive and visually captivating, and those writing skills can come in handy too.

Above all else though he loves cherishing a good idea.

Rob grew up in London and Tokyo and still dreams about Space Battleship Yamato. If he met his younger self he’d like to let him know that sweeping up popcorn from the aisles of the local cinema wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group