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Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards has always pushed the boundaries of filmmaking. His graduation film was one of the first ever student films to combine live action with digital effects.

He soon got sidetracked in a career creating BAFTA award-winning and EMMY nominated visual effects entirely “from his bedroom”.

Gareth broke new ground directing the epic drama “Attila the Hun” for the BBC, creating all the 250 visual effects by himself.

But still frustrated with the “factory approach” to filmmaking he entered Sci-Fi London’s 48-hour film contest, hoping to prove that you could make a cinematic film with no crew and just one actor in only two days.

The film won first prize and led to his feature film debut with Vertigo Films…Monsters

Since the critical success of Monsters, Gareth has directed blockbusters Godzilla and Star Wars: Rogue One, the latter widely regarded as one of the best films of the franchise.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group