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Pascal Dangin

Pascal Dangin began his work in the 80’s in the fashion industry as a hair stylist. During that time, he watched photographers compose images, designers and stylists create silhouettes and makeup artists transform faces. It was the beginning of the era of digital publishing, and while the darkroom had a rich tradition, Pascal instinctively knew that digital technology would provide a world of possibility for a new expression and introduce a new role to the traditional cast of image-makers.

In 1995, Pascal opened Box, the first digital post-production house in New York City. Over fifteen years, Pascal honed his expertise in visual communication as Box grew into a 100+ person team, expanding from a retouching studio into a photography and motion picture art house, including a comprehensive film and television department, a fine art and fashion photography printing lab. Pascal joined forces with publisher Gerhard Steidl, creating SteidlDangin, publishing over 30 artist’s monography. Working with some of the world’s most innovative brands and image-makers, Pascal developed a rare insight into the creative process that eventually propelled him to his current role.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group