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Tomas Skoging

Tomas Skoging is one of Sweden’s most accomplished talents in advertising. He got his start as a sought- after graphic designer, putting his love of comic books and drawing cartoons as a kid to good use. Eventually he bought an 8mm camera and turned his father’s garage into a studio, then slowly transitioned to the moving image. A true entrepreneurial spirit, Skoging founded renowned Swedish creative collective Acne with three friends over two decades ago, and established an international brand within film, fashion, advertising and technology. Over the last decade his work has been honored with a Cannes Gold Lion, D&AD and One Show Pencils, CLIOS and Epica awards.

Tomas’s latest commercial film is for SVT, the public TV broadcaster in Sweden, and is generating praise from industry tastemakers. It drives home the importance of factual journalism and powerfully conveys the message, “When nothing is questioned, anything can become the truth.” A prank video called “The Feather” is uploaded to Swedish social media, then spirals out of control into a global news story about a mysterious chicken epidemic in Sweden. It pulls in figures like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump who have a hand turning the rumor into fact.

Tomas has also directed high-profile spots as part of the directing duo Tompa and Rondo, including IKEA “Blue Bag” and “Who Are You Cooking For?,” and Milka “Easter.” Epic stories and production, lush art direction and captivating performance characterize these ads, which have been honored with Cannes Lions.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group