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Nike Margot Vs. Lily

April 5, 2016

Nike breaks new ground with a branded content series from Wieden+Kennedy, co-created by our own Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

Directed by Hey Wonderful’s Tricia Brock, “Margot vs. Lily” is a eight-part web series that launched as part of Nike Women’s #BetterForIt campaign. The series serves as fitspiration to start moving, telling the story of two unlikely sisters who test themselves in physically and mentally challenging ways as part of a well-intentioned and entertaining bet.  The success of the series led to a Gold Entertainment Lion at Cannes and a Webby Award in Online Film & Video.

The series, which released new episodes weekly, has garnered wide praise from the ad trades and beyond. AdWeek celebrates the campaign: “The premise is fun, the actresses are perfect for the roles, and the plot – while cartoony at times – will ring true to the experiences of young single women, particularly those living in major cities.” The New York Times cites the show as “refreshingly relatable – and aims to inspire real women to accomplish a single, realistic anything.” Shape Magazine notes the show’s humor, “as you watch the sisters push themselves out of their comfort zones you’ll laugh out loud at the clever one-liners. You’ll also notice the internal transformation the girls go through as they learn what exercise means to them and realize that life is more about balance than perfection.”

With almost 40 million views online, the show has inspired viewers to identify with one sister or the other and has spawned countless conversations in comments and under the hashtag #BetterForIt. To see more on the series’ impact and success, watch the case study here.

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