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The Martian VR Experience

April 13, 2017


As one of the top films of 2015, The Martian captivated critics and audiences alike with its sweeping tale of human triumph in a scifi landscape. To complement the film, Fox Innovation Labs, The VR Company, and RSA Films developed a virtual reality companion piece entitled The Martian VR Experience.

The 25-minute immersive entertainment experience directed by Robert Stromberg places the viewer in stranded astronaut Mark Watney’s very capable spacesuit. Stranded on the red planet, the viewer can enjoy 360 degree incredible views of the planet as they figure out how to survive and navigate their way around an unfamiliar Mars landscape.

The Martian VR Experience premiered at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show in January to stellar reviews. USA Today cited feeling “awestruck…as if I were exploring the beautiful ‘vast horizons’ of orange and brown that Watney talks about in the film.” Fast Company heralded it as “Hollywood’s most ambitious VR experiment.” Similarly, rave reviews were given by The Hollywood Reporter, Mashable, Financial Times, CNBC, and beyond. The Martian VR Experience received a Silver Digital Craft Lion at Cannes 2016, and was honored at the AICP NEXT Awards.

When the VR Experience made its way to the prestigious Sundance NEXT Festival, it garnered responses hailing it as “out of this world” by The Verge and “completely immersive…a truly totally crafted, 360-degree experience” by Deadline. It is available on Oculus, HTC Vive and PS4.


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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group